distracted driving

Paying for car insurance is necessary for anyone operating a motor vehicle. Not only does keeping a policy in place ensure you’re protected while you’re behind the wheel, but it also protects passengers and others you’re sharing the road with along your travels.

Depending on specific premiums, you can increase the amount of coverage and protections you have in place. As you may likely know however, the rate you discuss isn’t going to always stay the same. In addition to possible rate increases when incidents occur, there are also increases that happen during yearly renewal periods – even if your track record has been pristine.

Rising insurance policies may cause you to worry if you’re paying too much for auto insurance or if you should be looking to switch carriers. Consider these 3 factors which play a role in increasing auto rates first.

Distracted Drivers Increasing

Despite the many proven risks and tragedies that have resulted from distracted driving, the rates of drivers texting while driving, talking while driving and just not paying attention the road ahead of them is on the rise. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most young drivers have admitted to texting and driving and the rate of driving related deaths is expected to continue to climb. These increases in accidents are driving up costs for insurance companies and leading to higher premiums overall.

Medical Costs Rising

One of the factors most effected by our current economic state is healthcare. Are medical costs rise higher than ever before and accidents rise, auto insurance rates need to be able to cover the fees associated with bodily injury claims and as a result are are upping their rates.

Covering Advanced Features

Today’s cars continue to include innovations that make it easier to multitask and stay safe while on the road. From backup cameras to new sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, the features that make up our cars are increasing beyond traditional standards. In the 1980s when you bought a car, it likely came with metal parts that could be easily bolted on and replaced when damaged. Today many of those same parts have special technologies incorporated within them that make repair much more costly. These high-tech features are becoming costly to replace and leading insurance companies to raise rates in order to keep them covered.

The good news about car insurance rates however is that there are still ways to you can reduce them. Insurance companies may offer discounts for multi-line policies, good student, low mileage, AARP and so much more.

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