Watch out for the bait

Today you never know who to trust online. Hackers have become very adept at posing as legitimate companies and even your friends in an attempt to gain access to your system and then acquiring usernames, passwords and even credit card information.

Businesses are particularly at risk since gaining access to a business network system through an employee’s email can lead to identify theft and easy access to confidential records and billing information.

At Petruzelo Insurance we want your Connecticut business to be safe so we offer some tips that can help keep hackers from getting into your network.

Don’t Open Emails you don’t Recognize: During a busy workday, an employee may open hundreds of emails. And all it takes is one to let a hacker in who can then install malware or a virus that could cripple your network or steal valuable information. It is imperative that every employee on your staff knows not to open any emails from senders they don’t recognize. If they are unsure about an email, they should alert the IT team and have them inspect it.

Be Wary of URGENT Subject Lines: Many scammers and hackers try to scare people into opening malicious emails. They will put messages in the subject line such as YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK and WARNING YOUT SYSTEM IS INFECTED. These headlines can cause a new employee to click on the email out of fear of what will happen if they don’t. Then the virus is in your network and doing damage. Warn your staff to be aware of these tricks and again not to open emails from people they don’t recognize.

Spelling & Grammar: Many hackers come from outside the United States and will make it obvious with subject lines and content that are grossly misspelled. This is one advantage your staff has; they can instantly recognize a message that is not in proper English. Any messages that come through with misspelling and grammar errors should be immediately flagged as a potential danger.

Update Anti-Virus Software: As a business owner it is very important that you stay current with anti-virus software and other security programs. An outdated version of Norton, Symantec or McAfee won’t be able to save you from new viruses and this can lead to serious problems with your computer network. Luckily these programs will alert you when a subscription is about to expire, so take these warnings seriously and keep upgrading to ensure your system is safe.

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