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Businesses are under constant pressure to grow profits and over deliver but they can’t keep up with these demands when their workforce is lagging, unmotivated or unable to perform the necessary job functions. Even the most qualified employee can have a hard time meeting bare minimum requirements if morale is low or their overall wellness isn’t intact.

Today responsible companies are stepping in to help employees get back to their best selves. Whether that means getting more sleep, having extra breaks throughout the day, using more ergonomic furniture at the office, or just getting into the gym, there are many ways workplaces can make wellness a focus at their operations.

Employees who have a better hold of their mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing are going to work more productively, be engaged and help the business to meet objectives.

Here are 3 ways you can promote a healthier workplace. One that focuses on employee betterment while offering the support necessary to make it through each 8-hour shift with ease.

Improved Morale & Energy

One of the biggest issues plaguing the workplace are employees who are tired or unmotivated to work. The reasons behind this can range from being overworked to not feeling appreciated or just being too tired to perform the job functions. Either way, employers can step up to the plate and assist with improving these conditions by offering solutions such as longer or more frequent break times, encouraging employees to use meditation practices to reduce stress, having open communications with leaders and providing rewards and incentives to celebrate and motivate employees to work toward victories.

Fitness and Health

A corporate wellness program that involves a nutrition and fitness element can vary depending on budgets but can also be a key element in assisting your staff to keep health problems and absenteeism at bay. Consider offering group exercise classes, discounted rates to join a health club, better snack options in the kitchen or vending machines or including some fun competitive challenges for the staff to partake in while they work toward healthy goals.

Safety & Training

A workforce that feels protected and that their best interests are top of mind is going to work more productively and feel better about the jobs they’re doing. Regular safety training reduces the chances of injury by keeping the need to be safe top of mind for employees.

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