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If you’re like most adults today you’re probably wondering how time seems to be passing by so quickly. It seems like the more we cram additional tasks into our busy lives, the days are passing by faster than ever. While being productive and efficient is certainly beneficial, there are health risks to avoiding proper downtime and separating our work and personal lives.

Not only will working around the clock eventually lead to burn out, but it can also mean missing out on important life events that you can never get back.

The good news is there are things you can do to balance your work and personal life better and start enjoying your days a bit more.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

You might be wondering what a healthy work-life balance even looks like. Maybe you enjoy the career path you’ve chosen and tasks that are considered “work” spill over into your life at home. While there is a fine line for making the divide in some cases, you can still practice basic steps to ensure you’re getting enough of a mental and physical break to keep the balance even. It means doing whatever it takes. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier for example so you can get more time into your day. These small changes will have a big impact on getting more done in less time.

Be Strategic About Planning your Time

The only way to gain control over how your days are spent is to take time to sit down and look at the ways you’re spending your days and then find areas to improve. Creating a list of those tasks that are a priority and those that can be replaced with healthier actions is one place to start. If your child’s sporting events are mandatory for example, they would be part of this priority list.

Understand the Importance of Unplugging

Unplugging from technology and communications devices might seem impossible today as we spend more time using our mobile devices however it’s critical to have time away to rest our eyes, our minds, our fingers and to give proper attention to our friends and families. The only way to foster those critical relationships is by being fully engulfed in conversations and committed to the experiences. This is impossible when you’re constantly checking your email or waiting for a call from a client to come through. Set aside dedicated times to unplug, like after a certain hour at night or on dedicated days and leave the devices behind.

Dedicate Time to Physical and Mental Health

One area of your life that should never take a back seat is your mental and physical health. Without these in order, you’ll likely be unable to complete other required tasks. If your job involves sitting at a desk, immobile for hours of the day, factor in time for fitness. Physical activity will ensure your blood is flowing and the brain is staying healthy. The same is true if your life has a lot of high-stress moments. Taking time to decompress and become mentally clear from those situations will help you to sleep better and have healthier overall relationships. While building your priority list, be sure to keep exercise and meditation at the top.

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