Classic car owners are usually some of the most enthusiastic automobile buffs out there. Their love for some of history’s greatest vehicles means they know a thing or two about the restoration and care needed to keep them in such pristine condition.

If you’ve ever attended a classic car show you know how shiny and perfect many of these vehicles look despite their age. However, there are things classic car owners should be doing to ensure these cars remain safe on the road.

In this post, we’ll look a bit closer at why it’s important for classic car owners to stay on top of checking their tires.

Aged Tires Can Be Dangerous Tires

While most car renovations include new tires, it’s important to keep in mind that aged tires can still be dangerous. In particular for cars that are not driven as much, it may be easier to not wear tires and force a tire change in sufficient enough time. The issue is that over time, tire rubber degrades and separates and can cause crashes while on the road. Tires older than six years should be changed, regardless of wear, to be safe.

The Importance of Tire Pressure

While the problem of wearing away the outer edge of your tire if pressure is low is certainly an issue, it’s also important for classic car owners to check the air pressure in their tires if they have been sitting over the winter months or are not driven frequently. Many of today’s vehicles include sensors that can warn drivers if tire pressure is low. In these antique cars, you’ll have to pull out the trusty old tire gauge and measure to ensure the correct psi reading.

Assess Your Storage Options

In Connecticut, where winter weather presents less favorable conditions for driving a classic car, owners typically store them for a few months in a garage. As they sit, with the weight of the car sitting atop the tires, it’s easy to put stress and wear on the tires. If you’re not storing your car in a lifted position, you may want to consider removing the tires and keeping them somewhere temperature controlled.

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