One man, one bulldozer
One man, one bulldozer

Last Friday in Clallam County, Washington a man angered over new home construction in the area found a novel way to express his displeasure. 51-year-old Barry Allan Swegle revved up his International Harvester TD-25 bulldozer and proceeded to ram his way through four homes, cut power to most of the county and destroy a pickup truck.

After the rampage, Swegle quietly returned to his home and waited for police to come. Swegle surrendered peacefully and luckily no one was injured during the violent act but the damage to both personal and public property is significant.

Since Swegle knocked over a utility pole in his joy ride authorities were unable to ascertain the full extent of the damage done to the four homes but it was confirmed that one house was completely knocked off its foundation. That Swegle will most likely be prosecuted for the offense and certainly is looking at jail time that is small consolation for the families in the homes that were wrecked.

The damage estimate on Swegle’s act is reported at $300,000 and currently he is being held on $1 million bail for possible charges of assault and malicious mischief. Luckily, one of the victims, Dan Davis, has insurance on his home but it is unclear if the other damaged structures were insured as well. If not there is very little chance Swegle will be able to pay for damages and some homeowners may be stuck footing the bill for repairs or complete reconstruction. If you ever considered forgoing insurance on your home to save a few dollars, let this story be a reminder why you should never leave your important possessions to chance.

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