With the official start of summer coming in just over a week, you are probably thinking about the fun activities you will be part of this year. You might get your boat into the water, take a family road trip or take your vintage hot rod out for a spin. No matter what you like to do during the summer, there’s a good chance you will be having a BBQ or two for friends and family. The beauty of these gatherings is spontaneity – you don’t need a reason to have one!

However, before you get your grill fired up, consider the kinds of insurance coverage you have and whether or not you are covered for any accidents or mishaps. Here are some things to consider:

Pools & Trampolines – If you own a pool, a trampoline or both, you will have a lot of happy kids at your summer party. As fun as they are, pools and trampolines pose safety risks. Consider adding an umbrella policy to extend your liability coverage in case any unfortunate injuries occur.

Fireworks – There’s nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful fireworks show, especially if you can arrange one in your backyard. While certain types of fireworks are legal in CT, you need to be wary of all safety regulations and policy rules inherent in your insurance coverage. Speak with your independent CT insurance agent to find out if you need extra coverage in case of an accident involving fireworks.

Alcohol – Most summer parties feature some selection of alcoholic beverages, whether it is beer, wine or spirits. While sharing a cocktail or two with friends and family can spark great conversation and a relaxing atmosphere, you need to be cognizant of your responsibility as homeowner and host. Start putting alcoholic beverages away one to two hours before the planned end of the party and insist that any inebriated guests stay over for the night. You can never be too careful.

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