Seeing as it is National Preparedness Month, this seems like the appropriate time to discuss the changes that the state of Connecticut has made to filing claims. As we begin to dig our ways out from the destruction of Hurricane Irene in the state, many people may be looking to file claims for damages stemming from the storm’s winds and rain. Luckily for those who have web access, the Connecticut Insurance Department has launched a new web page to help with storm preparedness and the steps one should take in disaster situations.

According to the press release from the department, the “Be Prepared” Web page will offer a number of resources for many different situations:

“The new Web page includes the current weather risks, links to state and federal emergency agencies, tools for creating a home inventory for your valuables, important contact information and other helpful resources that will be updated throughout the year.”

Appropriately, the most pertinent information on the page is aimed at catastrophic situations, much like what many homeowners are facing in the Northeast right now. Even though Connecticut has been approved for federal aid, you should always inform your insurance company or CT insurance agent of damages that may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. It is important to get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible due to the time restraints that are built into many policies.

The site covers the things you will need to have ready for your insurance company when you do make contact. The two most important items are your policy information (i.e. account numbers, etc.) and a list of the items that were damaged in the event of a storm or catastrophe.

This information from the Connecticut Department of Insurance is certainly helpful, but you should always stay in touch with your CT insurance agent for the most up-to-date personal information after any kind of storm damage.



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