Natural disasters – like earthquakes – can strike at any given time without warning. We have all heard about the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan and just last week, another major earthquake struck the country again, causing a brand new tsunami warning. Connecticut may not be on a major fault line, but that does not mean that an earthquake can’t happen here. Just last week, a small earthquake shook the residents in East Haddam, which should give business owners and homeowners reasons to consider these tips:

Prepare for Disaster – One of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your family in case of an earthquake is to have an emergency plan. Everyone should practice and know evacuation routes and a safe meeting place. Also, if your office has a lot of people, set up a phone tree in case of work cancellations. There’s no need to put anyone in unnecessary danger.

Batting Down the Hatches – Have a professional come into your home and give recommendations for better security in case of an earthquake. If money is an issue, you can take matters into your own hands and secure all objects that may be at risk of falling on people or crashing through valuables. Buy some kits at the local hardware for bolting your bookcases and other freestanding structures.

Necessary Items – No home should go without having at least a small disaster kit stocked with some food, batteries, flashlights and the like. This goes double for the office – have gallons of water stored in the supply closet.

Insure Yourself – If the idea of an earthquake puts you at ill-ease, think about adding earthquake coverage to your existing insurance policy. Although FEMA will show up in the wake of a large quake, they won’t necessarily help with pocket money or rebuilding. Having earthquake insurance is important to rebuilding your business and home. Call your local CT insurance agent today for more information.

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