Summer vacations are something most people look forward to each year. Whether retreating somewhere on a beach far away from office life and work demands or spending quality time with family creating memories. Summertime and vacation also come with their own unique set of risks and planning is necessary to truly enjoy a stress-free time.

Here are some tips to help you have peace of mind as you venture out on your summer outing this year.


If you’re headed anywhere for a prolonged period of time that is away from your home, it’s important to not only protect your home by locking it but also asking a friend or trusted neighbor to check-in and even possibly using video or alarm technology to monitor your premises from afar. Thanks to mobile technologies today it’s possible to easily log in from anywhere and check in on your home.

There’s also the old-fashioned way of doing things that are still really effective: Trick thieves to think you’re home by leaving lights on a timer and having all mail held at the post office or taken in. Most importantly, do not post on social media about your vacancy and the exact dates and times when intruders could potentially have access to your valuables.


Most summer vacations include some time for fun in the water. Summer is also high time for drowning deaths. If you’ll be swimming on your vacation, be sure that you have the proper life vest in use and that your skills are strong enough to swim alone, or that a lifeguard is always on duty when using a pool.

The other danger of swimming in oceans and other natural bodies of water is that bacteria, fish bites and many other issues can occur. Hidden stingrays, a strong rip current or sudden storms can all ruin an otherwise perfect day at the beach.

Summer vacation food


Not only do the hot summer months create an environment for foodborne illnesses to grow, but they also bring out the chances for grill fires, burns and some very uncomfortable stomach issues while you’re trying to enjoy your trip. In addition to ensuring food is kept stored at proper temperatures and that it’s always cooked fully, keep in mind that there are parts of the world where water is unsafe to drink. Other drinks served using that water can be contaminated. Attending a buffet that’s outdoors? You may want to skip it if the foods been sitting out too long and be sure to pay attention to new and exotic foods you’ve never tried before like raw seafood or unpasteurized cheeses as they can bring illness and bacteria into your body.

Remember that the best vacations are the ones that aren’t interrupted by preventable injuries or careless decisions. Take proper precautions but also remember to relax and make memories with your family and friends this summer!

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