Home contractor

As a homeowner, the answer to your desire to build on to your home or make improvements seems pretty straightforward. Pay a credible contractor and leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. However, what happens when that work is done improperly or when someone is hurt while on the job, can easily become a blurred line.

Here are tips to keep in mind next time you have work done to your home when it comes to general contractors and liability.

Check Your State Laws

The only way to stay protected from liability should a worker become hurt on the job at your house is to get the facts. Check with your local state laws and what they say in regards to who is held responsible when a contractor or subcontractor is used to have work done in the home and whether or not pulling the permits for the job changes that responsibility.

Research & Read

Before hiring a contractor to source work and plan your construction project, be sure to look into their credibility and whether or not they have the proper insurances in place. It’s also important to read all contracts closely to ensure there is no verbiage in the documents passing liability over to you as the homeowner should an injury or other defects occur with the project.

In Connecticut, there is no law requiring liability insurance however it is strongly advised that contractors carry it along with workers compensation insurance and that subcontractors also carry it to protect work done at each site.

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