One of the most important factors following graduation as a bachelor of arts/sciences, grad student or PhD candidate is the ability to support yourself in the ‘real’ world outside of academia. There are a number of elements that go into moving from the safety net of school into this new area of your life, not the least of which is determining what types of insurance you are going to need to remain protected in case of unfortunate problems or accidents. Once you have graduated, look into securing these types of insurance for yourself:

Health Insurance – There are very few people with the financial backing to pay medical bills upfront and in full if an accident occurs. Although current regulations allow some graduates to be under parents’ insurance plans until the age of 26, graduates should still educate themselves about the health insurance plan that is best for them. Make sure the plan is affordable, but protects you from having to cover all costs in case of emergency.

Renters Insurance – Since you will most likely be renting a place to live after graduation, get protection for your possessions in case of theft, fire, etc. Your landlord doesn’t have to cover your personal belongings and probably doesn’t – so list your possessions and keep the list in a safe place.

Auto Insurance – There is a very good chance your job after college will require some type of commute, so a car will be a necessity in that case. Not only do most states require that you have car insurance, but this insurance can also help get you a lower rate on car payments while protecting you in case of accidents, vandalism or theft.

Life Insurance – While a majority of graduates don’t have dependents like children or a spouse, those who have families are going to need some type of life insurance to supplement any savings in case of death.

For more information about any of these types of insurance, contact your local insurance agency CT.

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