As we age, a greater focus on health seems to follow suit. Better care for our well-being involves getting enough sleep, visiting the doctor and doing a better job at eating healthy foods to support our longevity.

For seniors, who are typically also combatting health issues, better nutrition is especially critical. Healthy foods support better focus, heart health and even keep weight-related issues at bay.

Here are some tips for eating healthy in the golden years.

Staying Hydrated is More Important than Ever

We tend to think children and active adults need the most hydration throughout the day but the truth is seniors also need to ensure they’re getting enough liquids. It can be harder to tell when thirst is present since aging lessens the sense of thirst and chronic dry mouth and other issues due to medications and age can make knowing when you need to hydrate difficult to decipher.

Cut Out Sodium & Sugar

Two of the worst things in our diets, especially as we age and fight harder to reduce the occurrence of disease, are sodium and sugar. Known to bring on high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other issues, its best to reduce intake as much as possible as you age. Use alternate spices to add flavoring to food instead of using table salt and eat sugars found naturally in fruits as opposed to added cane sugars in sweets.

Eat Enough Calories

Loss of appetite is also common as we age. The reduced desire to eat also lessens the number of calories you’re eating in total each day. Depending on a seniors mental health and physical abilities this increases the chance of malnutrition. Even without an appetite or the ability to chew or swallow foods like once before, it’s still important to meet daily caloric requirements to stay healthy. Be sure to have an assessment done to ensure the right amount of calories are being eaten based on height and mobility.

Add Vitamins

Another great way to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients in your body is to take vitamins and supplements. It always makes sense to check with your doctor but a great daily multivitamin or another nutrient supplement helps ensure you’re getting enough of what your body needs to stay healthy.

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