With the holiday season in full swing, it is time to start thinking about what you are doing on New Year’s Eve. The list of options goes on and on, with some people staying home and others going wild in Times Square. However, your best choice for the evening may be having your own shindig to ring in 2012 or attending a company-sponsored event.  Of course, planning such a party is a major task and there are a number of things besides dip and shrimp cocktails to consider.

You need to be aware that there are safety concerns associated with hosting any type of party at your home or your company office. Here are some tips:

  • Serving alcohol at any type of party is always a concern. Make sure that your office or home holiday party does not revolve around cocktails and beers. Planning entertainment and activities that don’t involve alcohol is always a good idea. You should also stop serving alcohol well before the end of the party.
  • If you are going to be serving alcohol, you should hire a professional bartender. Licensed bartenders have been trained to recognize the signs of intoxication and will be able to limit alcohol intake of guests.
  • Having a cab service number ready nearby will ensure that everyone who does drink has a way of getting home safely and securely.
  • Keep a neat and tidy guest list. If you allow employees to bring a date with them, they should be registered by the office manager. This way, you don’t risk going over-capacity wherever your party is held.
  • Look over your home insurance policy and consider whether or not you have enough liability coverage. Consider buying a personal umbrella policy, which is additional coverage above and beyond your current insurance.
  • If you own a business, check with your CT insurance agent as to whether a separate policy is necessary.

If you don’t know or don’t understand your coverage, get in touch with your CT insurance agent to go over your insurance policy. This way, you will be well-versed in your liability coverage. This knowledge may come in handy in case something goes wrong.

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