home in a bubble

Securing a home from unwanted guests is one of the most important tasks homeowners are faced with. Increasing rates of crime and theft in neighborhoods is making being vigilant about home security of extreme importance.

Depending on the type of insurance policy you choose, you could have coverage that helps with stolen items in a burglary or could even receive a discount for having anti-theft systems installed.

Other than an alarm (which is included in the list below) there are steps you can take to prevent break-ins and keep your belongings safe.

Install an Alarm

There are so many options today when it comes to alarm systems for your home. From professional monitoring via an outside company, to DIY alarms and even internet connected systems, the important thing to remember is you want to be able to ward off intruders and get someone onsite to secure the scene as soon as possible.

Leverage High Tech

In addition to the traditional alarm systems installed in many homes today, there are now Internet-connected and mobile device options that make it possible to monitor your premises while you’re away. Many of these offerings work by simply logging into a dedicated app for a live feed of what’s happening in and around your home. Recordings of these occurrences could also go a long way in tracking and proving criminal activity.

The real purpose behind high tech security systems for the home is to take things a step further from the earlier choppy, low quality videos security systems recorded and give homeowners live, full control of their premises from wherever they may be located at the time.

Use Common Sense

Even though it’s impossible to know exactly when a burglary or other mishap may occur in your home, having common sense about how you handle waste disposal and who you give access to your home, can go a long way in keeping your valuables safe. You probably wouldn’t leave your home for the day with the front door wide open. But placing a large TV box on your lawn for trash pickup to alert thieves of your new valuable and forgetting to close the windows and lock the doors – especially when there are no signs of someone home, could be calling in intruders. Installing bright motion-sensitive spotlights may also deter burglars.

Meet the Neighbors

One of the best methods of defense is to team up with your neighbors. Working together as a unit makes it possible to watch each other’s homes for anything suspicious. Share emergency contact numbers and plans with a neighbor you trust and notify them when you are going out of town so they can be alert for packages left on your steps and take them in as well as watch for unusual activity.

At Petruzelo Insurance we want you and your family to feel comfortable and safe in your home. If you’re wondering about home insurance rates that include help covering break-ins, contact an agent today!