hurricane and buildings

Hurricane season has already been an active one here in the U.S. In Connecticut, we missed the landfall of Hurricane Florence that left the southeast coast with destructive winds and catastrophic flooding. However, the chances of hurricanes are still possible. To protect our homes, families, and businesses, it’s important to understand the threats and prepare for them in advance.

For businesses, being proactive is key. In advance of any disasters, potential risks should already be identified and strategies to address them should be in place.

Here are some tips for business to best prepare for natural disasters.

Prepare Physical Location

Most hurricane events come with some warning. Meteorologists are tracking storm patterns this season and predicting what areas may be affected. This offers some time to prepare for the potential issues that could occur at your business location.

Consider what assets are most important to your business’s livelihood. Computer equipment, products, and important paperwork could be put at risk if flooding or other damage happens to the building. In addition to ensuring there are proper business insurances for these items in a place, you should find a way to protect them in a physical manner if possible. Unplugging and turning off machines. Raising them off the floor, backing up data and even removing them from the premises if possible prior to potential storms arriving.

Have a Plan in Place for Operations to Continue

Protecting your employees should be the first concern. Have a plan in place that considers their wellbeing before, during and after a hurricane. Offer work from home and remote capabilities if there is going to be a storm happening that turns into a dangerous commute. Keep them informed about any office closings or dangers present at the location and have an emergency plan complete with evacuation routes that are clearly understood by all staff members.

After a storm has passed there should also be a plan for business continuity in place. This should detail how you’ll keep operations going and avoid downtime post-disaster. Re-direct your supply chains or consider using cloud-based technologies as methods to keep operations up and running.

Consider Vendors and Remote Workforce in Planning

Even if you’re lucky enough to escape a hurricanes destructive path, your business could still be affected. Keep tabs on weather forecasts in the areas where your suppliers and vendors are located as the weather conditions they experience could also have an effect on your business.

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