Hurricane Sandy - NYCJust a few days ago, a massive storm system named Hurricane Sandy swept up and through the east coast, wreaking havoc on a number of states. The storm hit areas like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut very hard, causing more than 55 deaths (that number is climbing upwards by the day) and leaving behind billions of dollars of damage. Six million people are still without power in the affected regions, including almost 400,000 in Connecticut alone. At the moment, many areas around the state are beginning to assess the damage and figure out how the rebuilding process.

One of the major factors in a storm’s aftermath is learning how to properly making insurance claims, which can help you start rebuilding your homes, replacing cars, etc. Here are some tips regarding this process:

  • Before you really begin the rebuilding process, make sure you document any and all damage that occurred at your home. This will help you work with your CT insurance agent to determine the amount of damage you can claim.
  • If you are currently staying at a hotel, renting a car or paying for other temporary services, keep receipts of all transactions. Homeowners and renters insurance policies provide limited coverage of these types of services.
  • When the insurance company responds to your claim with a settlement offer, make sure it’s really what you need. If you determine that there is more damage and the offer isn’t good enough, work with your agent and the company to work on a new deal.
  • If you missed items in your initial filing and have already settled, contact your insurer to see if it will cover these items as well. It never hurts to put in additional requests, especially since natural disasters can throw your life into a spiral.
  • In some cases, the amount of coverage you have may not be enough to cover all of the damage caused by a storm. If this happens to you, look into state and federal grant programs that provide aid in these circumstances.

It is very important to establish contact with your insurance agent as soon as you can in the wake of any disasters. You can begin the process of filing a claim and obtain some coverage for any damage that may have been sustained during Hurricane Sandy.

All of us at Petruzelo Insurance hope that you and your family are safe in the wake of Sandy. We are keeping all of those affected in our thoughts and wish you the best as you begin to rebuild.


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