Be safe on motorcycles

As warmer weather approaches you will start to hear the roar of motorcycle engines. Bikers have spent all winter longing for that warm spring day when they can roll out their cruiser or sport bike and enjoy riding on the scenic Connecticut roads.

However, motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars and trucks and if you own a motorcycle, it is imperative that you practice safety to ensure that you and other drivers avoid accidents.

At Petruzelo Insurance we want everyone to be safe on the roads so we offer a few tips for motorcyclists that will help keep riders and their bikes out of danger.

Take a Safety Course: Whether you are an experienced rider or a first-time biker, it’s always a good idea to take a safety course. Unfortunately many motorcycle owners let pride get in the way and scoff at the idea they need instructions on how to ride. But if you want to be safe and avoid unnecessary accidents, sign up for a safety course. These classes will provide information on traffic safety laws that apply to motorcycles, how to respond to emergency situations and tips on motorcycle maintenance. No matter how much you know there’s always more to learn.

Protect Your Body: Since motorcycles lack safety features such as air safety bags, seat belt buckles and an enclosed frame, it is essential that riders get the right gear to protect their bodies. Helmets, steel-toe biker boots, leather jackets and leather gloves are all recommended for motorcycle riders. You want to create a much-needed second layer of skin that can protect you from nasty rashes and skin abrasions should you fall off your bike and slide across the unforgiving asphalt.

Expect the Unexpected: Unfortunately most car and truck drivers don’t pay much attention to motorcycles. This may be unfair but it is a simple fact. Therefore, as a rider you need to be extra cautious and keep an eye out for other vehicles. In Driver’s Ed they always stress practicing defensive driving and motorcyclists need to do the same. Expect the car in front of you to stop suddenly, change lanes without signaling and to toss cigarettes and other debris out the window. Always keep a safe distance between your bike and other vehicles, ride within your skill level and don’t creep up into a car’s blind spot.

The more cautious you are the less likely you will have to deal with an accident or injury. Also, make sure your motorcycle insurance is valid and up to date.

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