A tune-up should get your bike ready
A tune-up should get your bike ready

With the weather turning warmer, many motorcycle enthusiasts are getting ready to take to the open road. While many insurance agents will warn motorcycle riders about the hazards of driving on roads and highways, not everyone takes the time to remind motorcycle riders about the importance of checking the state of their motorcycle before taking it out on a test run.

It doesn’t matter how safe you are, if the brakes don’t work or the alignment is off you are more likely to be involved in an accident. Before you set out for a day trip, be sure to check your motorcycle first:

Tune Up & Inspections – While a lot of riders like to tinker with their bikes during the winter not everyone does. This means it could be as long as six months in between rides and the motorcycle will need a thorough inspection to ensure it is safe to ride. If you are not very mechanical you want to schedule and appointment for a tune up so you know your bike is getting the best attention possible. Make sure to check the brakes, lights, turn signals and exhausts before going for a ride.

Practice Run – Even if your bike is in great condition and you work on it frequently, it is always good to take a test drive before your first official ride of the spring or summer. Having an area where you can go to be alone and put a bike through the motions to gauge its reliability is a good idea for testing the motorcycle out before you get onto roads with traffic and pedestrians.

Check your Gear – When the bike is ready and roaring to go the next step is to check your clothing to make sure you are taking the necessary precautions to prevent injury. Smart bikers should have a helmet with eye shield, a sturdy pair of leather gloves, steel-toed boots and a genuine black leather jacket. Leather often acts as a second layer of skin and though it may not seem like much, this added layer can make a big difference should you slide off a bike and scrape along the pavement. You can’t protect yourself from every type of accident but the more you prepare the better your chances of having a safe ride.

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