Pool Safety
Pay Attention this Summer

As we head into the dog days of summer the temptation of a cool refreshing pool becomes more enticing. Nothing feels better than diving into a pool of cool water on a hot summer day but if you own a home that has a pool you need to understand that pools require a lot of responsibility and maintenance to ensure a safe time is had by all.

At Petruzelo Insurance we want your summer to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Before you open your pool review a few tips for keeping your pool safe for kids and adults.

Pool Rules – It’s always a good idea to post the pool rules. Every homeowner will have their own set of rules but some standards include no running, no glass near the pool and no swimming without adult supervision. Kids tend to get very excited around pools and some rules need to be reiterated for the sake of safety but with a list of rules at least everyone knows what is allowed and what isn’t.

Safeguard your Pool – A popular pastime with older kids is pool hopping in which a group of kids roam a neighborhood and quickly jump in and out of pools. While this seems harmless fun it could turn into a liability lawsuit should someone slips and fall or worse, accidentally drown. As a pool owner it’s up to you to keep uninvited people from getting into your pool. Erecting a sturdy fence and using a pool cover are two ways to deter people from accessing your pool. You can also set up a perimeter alarm system that will let you know if anyone has breached the pool fence.

Regular Maintenance – Pools can be a lot of fun but only when properly maintained. No one wants to jump into a dilapidated and dirty pool that has floating debris and cloudy water. Keeping the water properly chlorinated and the pool floor clean is essential to having a safe environment for people to swim in. You will also want to police the pool deck and patio and remove any hazards or garbage that could cause someone to trip. Also, remember to keep any plugged in appliances or radios far away from the water.

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