Summer Jobs
Find the right candidates

Every summer large companies and small businesses look to temporary help to fill in for full-time employees that are on vacation or to help with high seasonal demand. While it helps to have temporary help to fill in it can also lead to increased risks including mistakes made by someone not fully trained as well as workplace accidents when a temporary worker is using equipment they are not certified for. In order to minimize your risks when hiring temporary summer help consider a few precautions that can help safeguard your business.

Is a Student Right for the Position – It’s a time-honored tradition that many companies will hire students for summer help. Whether it’s a college or high school student, it is up to the manager to decide if the job is worth bringing on temporary help. Most administrative and clerical jobs can be handled by students but if the job requires skilled technical training, familiarity with heavy equipment and machinery or a position that involves potential risk and harm, it is better off seeking more qualified help.

Prepare Training Time – No matter what the position is, chances are there will be some degree of training involved. Simply assuming a high school student will be able to come in and instantly figure out a job is unrealistic and if you are bringing in students for summer or part-time help make sure you have a training program prepared where a full-time employee can explain the job, the skills required and can supervise a few shifts to ensure quality control standards are met.

Insurance – If you have a staff that expands and contracts during different times of the year it is imperative that you speak with your local insurance agent. The main reason for staying on top of your business insurance is that worker’s compensation insurance premiums are based on your payroll. Adding employees can be a sign of a healthy, growing business. Just remember that you may owe additional premiums for your workers compensation insurance as your payroll grows. Check with your local insurance agent when you plan to add employees to get an idea of what the additional costs will be.

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