home in snow winter

As each season passes in New England and we move through the various temperature and weather changes, we’ll likely update our wardrobe, maybe pull out the pool floats, or hunker down for a cold winter. As we do these things, we’re thinking about what lies ahead. It’s important as the seasons change to also keep safety and protecting your dwelling top of mind.

As we move into this year’s winter season, here are some ways to prepare your home for a safe winter.

Start at the Top

As you go through the various to-do’s to prep for winter, you don’t want to overlook the importance of your home’s roof and gutter system during this season. Since old roofs tend to leak or have areas that may no longer be strong enough to withstand the weight of a heavy snow, you’re best bet is to have your roof inspected to be sure it doesn’t have any serious issues before winter weather comes around. Likewise, you’ll want to have your gutters cleaned of any debris. Once snow and ice start to melt, the water will need somewhere to escape. If gutters are filled with leaves and other matter, the water can’t move through and will come back up to the roof and under the shingles. What’s worse, if an ice dam forms, the weight could even rip the entire gutter system off your home.

Lawn Care & Equipment

Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy raking up the leaves that have fallen on your lawn over the fall, you might want to consider giving your lawn one last clean up before winter. Not only will this improve the likelihood of greener grass come spring, but it also offers you a chance to get one last use out of the lawn equipment before properly storing it for the winter. Refer to the manuals to see the correct way to winterize and store your lawn mower, leaf blower and other tools. This is an opportune time to also pull out those winter items like snow blowers and get them ready for the upcoming season. Nothing’s worse than waiting until the morning of a giant snowstorm to realize it’s not working.

Heat Preparations

One thing we’re unable to escape living in New England is snow fall and freezing temperatures. Since most of us will crank up the heat or turn on the fireplace to get cozy on these days, you’ll want to take proper precautions by having your chimney cleaned and inspected and your furnace and HVAC system maintenance work done prior to the busy season. Check that your thermostats are working, that you have heating fuel in the tank and that firewood is gathered and stacked in a safe location. This is a great time to test that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also working.

Taking care to ensure your home is ready for the upcoming seasons is a responsibility no homeowner can avoid. Rather than deal with issues that could have been avoided with proper care, take the needed time and effort to guarantee your home and family are safe and cozy this winter.

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