While no one in New England wants to admit it, winter is indefinitely on its way in. No more long days by the shoreline soaking up the sun or scenic drives with the top down on your convertible. Soon we’ll be dealing with blustering cold temps, snow storms and school closings.

As we approach the month of October the cooler temps outdoors and shorter days remind us that it’s time to also prep our summer toys for winter storage. That means getting in those last few bike rides, cruise nights and outings on the water before it’s too late.

Here are some tips for storing your motorcycle properly this winter.

Motorcycle Storage Tips for Winter

Winter is a terrible time for riding motorcycles in Connecticut. The unpredictable weather, freezing temps and black ice make it very dangerous. Putting it away for the season is your best bet. Before you store your bike away for the winter season though, there are some things that are essential to do if you want to hop right on and start riding again once spring weather comes around.

  • Fill Up with New Fluids – Change the oil, add gas to the tank so it’s on full as well as stabilizer so there’s no gunk building up on the carburetor. Also add new fluids for the clutch, brakes, and coolant as well as lube for the throttle, clutch cables, and shifter.
  • Maintain Battery Charge – It’s important to keep the battery healthy. You can either take it off the bike in the winter and keep it on a light charge with portable power or remember to charge it up on the bike once a month while it’s stored.
  • Clean Up the Bike – The last thing you want is rust or critter damage to happen over the winter. Give your bike a good washing and protective coat with wax. Make sure it’s thoroughly dry and considering stuffing the pipes to keep rodents out.
  • Know Proper Storage Protocol – You should either have your bike up off the ground on stands or let out some pressure from the tires. You don’t want the bikes weight sitting on the tires all winter. Find the right place and learn just how your bike should be stored so you don’t get any frustrating surprises come spring.

Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll be talking about winterizing your boat and what you should do to ensure its safe through the harsh winter months.

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