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The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. This idea is certainly true when you think about the vast amount of food establishments and restaurants opening up across the nation. Eating a great meal can be valuable family time, important for dietary needs and even a trendy experience.

With the rise in demand for food service specialties, you might be thinking about taking the plunge and opening a restaurant. Before you do, consider these restaurant insurance policies that will offer your business protection levels you need.

First the Basics

Insurance is an important tool is protecting businesses from liability in accidents and other incidents that threaten business health. General Liability which is required to be maintained in many states is an insurance policy that offers standard coverage for everything from a basic fall on your premises to damage to property.

Workers compensation is another very important insurance to have in a high risk industry such as food service. The fast pace environment and working with hot surfaces and sharp knives are just some of the risks. Paying for worker’s medical costs in the event of an accident can be extremely costly and even threaten to close your operations without proper protections in place.

More Coverages to Consider

While having basic coverage is necessary, it’s important to assess your business, the industry in which you operate and the building layout to uncover other possible risks and have policies that protect you and offer the greatest peace of mind.

One example is the sale of liquor. A liquor liability insurance would protect you if someone drank too much and left the establishment only to injure someone else. Or if your restaurant will use a vehicle to deliver or serve food, you will need to consider a business auto insurance to stay protected from losses related to the automobile or work done with them.

Other Potential Losses

Keeping your business safe from losses is important. Natural disasters, outages and other risks can bring significant losses if you’re not properly prepared. Food Spoilage insurance will keep you covered if the refrigeration goes, a storm knocks out power, or if the food you were given by your produce provider arrives to you spoiled.

Spend more time focusing on the quality of your service and food and less time worrying about whether or not your business will be put at risk.

At Petruzelo Insurance we are serious about safety and investment in your present and future. Whether you own a bar, pub, fine dining establishment or seafood restaurant, we offer the insurance coverages you need to remain protected. Our agents can help you make a sound decision regarding your restaurant insurance. Get a quote today!