Don't clean roofs or gutters alone
Don’t clean roofs or gutters alone

Now that it seems we’ve seen the last of the winter snow (hopefully) many homeowners around Connecticut are gearing up for the annual spring cleaning. After a long winter with lots of snow it’s only natural to find lawn littered with broken branches, leaves, debris and even some garbage that got caught under a snow storm and now is a good time to head outside on a nice weekend afternoon and clean the yard.

Cleaning a yard may not seem like a dangerous task but when you get into gutter cleaning, heavy hauling and tree removal it can cause some hairy situations.

Never Clean Alone – Anytime you work on a home improvement project or home clean up, it’s always recommended that you have someone there with you. You find yourself working in the backyard and trying to move a large branch that was blow over during a storm and if you trip and fall it could be some time before help arrives.

Be Cautious when Cleaning Gutters – One of the most important spring cleaning tasks is gutter cleaning and if you choose to do this by yourself you will definitely need assistance. You should always have someone holding the ladder and watching out for you if you have to sit or lie on the roof to rid your gutters of debris. Many people choose to have their gutters cleaned by professional to avoid the long hours and potential dangers.

Have a dumpster or truck – Cleaning a yard or gutters is only effective when you have somewhere to empty the debris. Forming small piles around the yard will only lead to problems later on and dumping in the neighbor’s yard is a good way to get a fine. Before you begin any cleaning project make sure you rent a dumpster or have use of a pickup truck to haul away the really heavy branches and debris.

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