water skiing

As we enter the summer season here in Connecticut, many of us are preparing for vacations and outings in the water on our boats. Nothing beats a sunny day spent on beautiful open waters. For this reason, so many jet and water skiers hit the waves during the summer season in New England. Equally as thrilling as the experience is, there are risks involved when safe operation and handling isn’t practiced.

In the state of Connecticut, anyone who operates a water vessel or tows people riding the wave are required to carry a Safe Water Skiing Endorsement issued by the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP). This is in addition to a boating  license when required.

Water Skiing Laws in Connecticut

In addition to rules on how to tow and monitor skiiers and other swimmers around a boat or watercraft, there are also many laws that define reckless water skiing and that can prevent serious injury or even death.

A few of the rules for CT waters include:

  • Operators must be age 16 or older.
  • Water skiing must happen between sunrise and sunset when behind a personal watercraft and sunrise until ½ hour after sunset when being towed behind a vessel.
  • Unless dropping off or taking off with a water skier, you must maintain no wake speed when within 100’ of a dock, moored vessel or shoreline while operating a vessel and when within 200’ from the same on a personal watercraft.

Consumption of alcohol during these activities is also highly discouraged and illegal. The amount of alcohol related accidents that happen each summer during recreational aquatic activities is alarming. In addition to impaired judgement, the necessary tasks for survival in emergency situations are difficult to perform while under the influence.

Stay Safe & Have Fun

Adhering to the rules for safe operation of water vessels will keep you and your loved ones safe so that you may enjoy the excitement of the sport while on your summer outings. If you own a boat or vessel, keeping proper insurances in place is also critical. Boat insurance can help protect against a variety of risks that include: sinking, fire, stranding and collision. Contact Petruzelo today for a quote and to discuss your specific coverage needs.