The summer season is upon us. Here in New England that means, vacations, beach, picnics and fun. But summertime fun can easily take a turn for the worst when proper safety steps are not taken. While you’re out enjoying those long days barbecuing and roasting marshmallows in front of a crackling fire, don’t forget about these 4 very important tips for summer party safety.

1.      Never Leave a Pool Unattended

In addition to establishing ground rules for anyone who visits your pool, it is important that you keep an adult in attendance at all times capable of swimming and for ensuring that kids, pets and other adults are safe while they swim.

kids swimming pool

Drowning deaths are very common in the summer months and they happen very quickly. Be sure everyone is aware of the water depths before they jump in and always have a gated and locked area around the pool to prevent unauthorized entry.

2.      Don’t Let Bugs Cause Harm

Whether you’re outdoors during the day or night, there are bugs lurking that can cause harm. From your usual mosquito drawn to food, to bees, tics and even beetles – there is no shortage of bugs in CT. Keeping yourself and your family distant from harm involves understanding the threats these insects bring and the proper ways to defend against them.

Lawns sprayed and treated for ticks reduce the chances of the harmful bugs making their way onto your pets and children. Be sure to have this service done far enough in advance however that it will dry and not cause issues for anyone playing on the grass. Also be sure to stock up on quality insect repellent to keep bug bites at a minimum.

3.      Protect Your Skin

While enjoying the warm sun on a summer day can certainly be relaxing and arguably some vitamin D is great for health, there are a lot of dangers with overexposure to dangerous UV rays. From skin cancers to burns and premature aging, you want to be sure you’re always protected by using products with SPF in them and lathering young children up before they head out to play. Just a few hours in the sun can lead to some very serious problems without the correct steps to protect skin.


4.      Practice Fire Safety at all Times

You may think fires are only used to keep the warm in the cold winter months, but there is actually more risk with fires in the summer as people are using the dangerous method to cook, provide outdoor warmth, light an area and even just for an ambiance. Grilling accidents caused by burns while cooking over an open flame are very common. In addition to understanding safety around a fire, it’s important to keep a fire extinguisher in close reach and know how to properly put out a fire and reduce the chances it will spread. Fireworks, bonfires and the consumption of alcohol at parties are also the source to many fire-related injuries in the summer months. Take steps to protect yourself, your home and your guests.


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