Right now, a number of areas across the country are in the midst of a sweltering heat wave, including Connecticut, which is displaying some temperatures that rival places closer to the equator. You just know that this heat is going to lead to a whole slew of invitations to summer gatherings this weekend – everything from BBQs to pool parties and everything in between will be going on at friends’ and families’ homes. Are you thinking about having a get together? Well, first, there are a number of tips to keep in mind at your next summer party:

–          One of the most dangerous elements of a summer BBQ is the grill that you are using to make all of the delicious food. With the large number of injuries from grilling accidents in mind, inspect the grill for any possible leaks.

–          Do not use your propane grill in an enclosed area because of the fumes associated with the gas tank. You also should avoid grilling on a roof or terrace to prevent setting any fires.

–          Always have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water ready in case an accident occurs with the grill you are using.

–          Keep your beer and liquor away from any open flames, as they are incredibly flammable and can cause damage.

–          When having a party where alcohol is being consumed, makre sure that all of your guests have designated drivers. Also aid in the effort to stop drunk driving by cutting all alcohol from the festivities about an hour or two before the party is slated to end.

–          Make sure your food has been properly refrigerated and is only brought outside when the grill is ready to cook – also separate frozen (and/or cold) and hot products. Also ensure that these products stay in their respective temperature zones.

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