Although it is common to think that the summer is over around Labor Day, some of the summertime nuisances can stick around until the end of September. You know what nuisances I’m talking about – mosquitoes and ticks. Both of these pests can carry some seriously nasty diseases and can infect you, so take some of these steps to protect yourself and your family:

–          Use insect repellent that contains at least 20 percent DEET, which helps keep insects away and prevents bug bites. Make sure that the repellent is applied to bare skin according to the manufacturer directions. Any ingestion by young children can be incredibly harmful.

–          Even though it’s hard to stay inside all summer, try to avoid any contact with mosquitoes or ticks. This includes staying out of wooded areas and places where there are no Citronella candles lit.

–          When a tick is found on you or your child, consult with your doctor to determine the best method of removal. Make sure that you bathe or shower immediately when you come inside from spending time outside. This will make it easier to find and wash away any ticks before they latch onto you.

–          In terms of mosquitoes, you want to prevent bites as much as possible. From dusk to dawn, you will want to cover up as much as possible because these are the main times for feeding. Even though you are very unlikely to get West Nile or some other disease, it would be best to avoid bites altogether.

–          Wear long clothing when hanging out outside for extended amounts of time, especially when the sun begins setting. This is an insect spray-free way to protect yourself from bug bites.

–          Keep a fan outside – this will not only blow the bugs away from you and your friends, but will keep you cool at the same time!

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