super bowl

This Sunday, Feb. 4 2018, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will compete during Super Bowl LII. This is arguably “the” game to watch of all sports matches for the year. Even if you don’t favor football, the festivities involved with game day have a little something for everyone to participate in. Good food, drinks and a reason to be social on a Sunday night.

Whether you’ll be attending a Super Bowl party or hosting a game-day event at your home, making it to the end zone safely, so you can sleep soundly for a few hours before the start of a new work week, is probably your ultimate goal. Keep these tips in mind for safe game-day celebrations.

Be Responsible About Alcohol

The same rules apply on Super Bowl Sunday as all other days. Drinking and driving is never okay. If you’re heading to a bar to watch the game or a party where you know you’ll be putting a few back, plan in advance for a designated driver or a car service like Uber to pick you up at the end of the night. Your life and the life of others on the road is too precious to get behind the wheel impaired.

If you’re hosting the party and serving alcohol, you’ll also need to monitor usage and take keys at the door. You could be held liable and prosecuted if someone ends up in a drunk-driving crash after drinking at your home. Keep guests sober by offering lots of food options and alternative non-alcoholic beverage options.

Keep It Friendly

This Super Bowl match is anticipated to be an especially close game and will likely come with its share of competitive fun. The key is to remember that it’s just a game. Friendly competition is okay. But when there is alcohol involved sometimes a simple tiff can become a fist fight. It’s important to keep things amicable regardless of how a play is called or which team ultimately wins the game to avoid harm or an arrest.

Use Kitchen Tools Responsibly

If you’re cooking up appetizers and finger foods to serve during the game, then you’ll like be using knives, ovens and don’t forget the hot sauce for those wings. Proper food handling and utensil use is key during the hectic day. You can easily lose track of time if you’re involved in a discussion or watching a game play and forget the pigs in a blanket you put in the oven to warm. Fires happen quickly. If you’ve been following NBC’s “This is Us” which is also airing after the Super Bowl, then you already know what could potentially happen if you don’t double and triple check that those electric kitchen devices are properly turned off.


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