setting dinner table

One of the many reasons Thanksgiving is a coveted holiday today is because it sets aside a time to slow down from the daily rush and be with family – bonding, showing gratitude and eating lots of great food.

While this isn’t completely the same as the original First Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims, it’s still an important time for many. In addition to good food and the kick-off to the December and New Year holidays, many people travel and are on the road at this time.

To help keep you safe, we’re offering some food and travel safety tips for the upcoming festivities.

How to Properly Cook a Turkey

Since the main focus of the day will be the bird on the middle on the table, you’ll want to be sure you’re serving your guests something that’s cooked just right and that is safe to consume. Be sure to properly handle raw foods and keep them clean and separate from other food items. In addition to reading the label on your bird for cooking times, you’ll want to have at least one extra thermometer on hand to check the internal temperature of the bird to ensure it’s cooked to the right temperature (165 °F). If you’re worried your bird will not cook properly throughout you should be sure to have it completely thawed prior to cooking and refrigerate leftovers no more than two hours after eating.

Holiday Vehicle Safety Tips

This holiday is one of those when you’ll likely want to get a head start on traffic and venture out earlier than planned. With so many people traveling to a relative’s house for dinner, or heading out to score retail deals, the amount of cars on the road can also increase the chances an incident could occur. Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is insured, safe and up to date on all services. Failed brakes, blown tires and other hazards can be avoided when proper maintenance has been done. You’ll also want to make sure you have jumper cables handy and some basic first aid response items just in case.

At Petruzelo Insurance, our insurance agents have the resources to get you exactly what you need.  We hope you enjoy the holidays and would like to wish everyone a safe, joyful Thanksgiving.