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Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. From regular maintenance, to repair costs, to keeping the premises safe for your family and visitors – there is a lot that goes along with the perk of owning your own home.

In New England, where the winters can get brutally cold, there’s also the added cost of keeping your home heated and warm. With climbing fuel costs, it’s becoming more important than ever to improve your home’s energy efficiency and find ways to curb consumption levels.

Here are some tips to keep your homes heating costs in control this winter.

Check for Drafts

One of the easiest ways to lose heat in your home is through cracks. You should check for drafts around windows and doors and add insulation where needed for extra protection. Consider a storm door, replacement windows and any other necessary repairs to get your home in great shape for the winter months. Remember, if your furnace is working extra hard to try to maintain warm temps, the wear and tear on the system will only add to costs and the need for repairs.

Fireplace Safety

If you plan to use your fireplace to supplement the heat in your home, be sure you follow all regular chimney cleaning and maintenance needs. Burning a wood fire can help you to cut your energy usage bills. If you don’t have a fireplace included in your living room design, you could opt for a wood burning or pellet stove as alternative options that are also efficient and keep heating costs down.

In addition, be sure you’re properly disposing of ashes and that there is no risk of them reigniting anywhere near the home.


At the core of your home’s heating operations is your HVAC system. Everything from your air ducts to vents and furnace play an important role in keeping you comfortable while indoors. Keeping your system cleaned and serviced is key to ensuring it’s operating optimally. Schedule routine maintenance yearly and perform any recommended repairs prior to winter’s cold temps dropping dangerously low.

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