summer heat

Residents living and working in Connecticut are likely pleased with the fact that warm weather seems to finally have made a permanent stay for the season. Soon spring will be over and those hot, humid summer days will fill the forecast. While some outdoor sunshine and vitamin D can be good for you, there are also many dangers present with extreme sun exposure.

From skin cancers to burns and even heat stroke risks, it’s important to keep yourself and your loved ones protected this summer. Here are some tips for preventing heat stroke.

Stay Away at Peak Hours

Unless it’s necessary to be outdoors (for work) it’s best to avoid the days when the sun is extremely powerful during peak hours. From around 11am-3pm the sun’s rays are especially intense and can quickly turn an enjoyable summer day into a medical situation.

If you must be outdoors, be smart about it. Use highly rated sun protection creams, find shade when possible, stay hydrated and be sure you’re getting proper breaks while working to allow your body time to cool as it exerts energy in these extreme temperatures.

Know the Signs

It’s important to be aware of others around you also battling the heat. Even if you’re not feeling overly hot someone who is elderly, or a young child for example, can easily be showing signs of heat stroke. If they are complaining of cramps, are overly thirsty or seem to be really tired, dizzy or confused – they may need help.

If you notice someone in distress from the heat, help them get to a cool, shaded area and have them lay with their feet elevated. To help them cool down, provide fluids to drink and spraying them with water until their body is able to come down from the exhaustion.

Heat stroke is the most extreme form of heat exhaustion and requires immediate medical attention to prevent shock. It occurs once the body’s temperature goes above 104 degrees Fahrenheit and can lead to serious issues with the central nervous system.

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