Safe Driving Tips
Stay focused when driving

We hear about safety a lot. Unfortunately no matter how often you remind people to be safe while driving circumstances always arise that makes a driver think they can bend the rules, just this once. But all it takes is a second for another driver to swerve into your lane or a child to run out in the street and if you’re distracted by a cell phone, tablet or animal it’s very easy to cause an accident. At Petruzelo Insurance we want everyone to drive safely and here a few tips to keep in mind so your focus stays on the road.

Put the Phone Away – Whether it’s talking or texting, having a cell phone while driving is very distracting. Many drivers have used their phone while driving with no consequences but quite a few accidents have also occurred because someone was texting or talking while driving. If having your phone is important bring it along but put it in the glove box or a handbag while driving so you are less tempted to call or answer while driving. This way the phone is still nearby in case you crash and need to call for assistance but isn’t in your view so incoming calls and texts won’t distract you.

Share the Road – With spring starting to bring some much needed warm weather our way it is important to remember your car isn’t the only vehicle on the road. Motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians will be more prevalent now that the weather is getting nice and as a driver you need to be aware of their presence and drive slower when you are entering neighborhoods and school zones.

Take your car for tune-ups – Most drivers know to change the oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles but not everyone is as sure about when their car is due for a tune up. You don’t need to be a mechanic to spot check a few things on your car that will indicate a visit to the auto shop is necessary: bald tires, squeaky brakes, oil or gas leaks and alignment issues where the car pulls to the right or left are all easily detectable and should be addressed to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

The more precaution you take when driving the safer you and other drivers will be. Lastly, always have your car insurance accurate and up to date. Contact your local insurance representative to review your car insurance policy to ensure you have the right coverage for your driving needs.

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