teen driver

New drivers present a hazard on the roadway simply because they’re still getting used to sharing the road with other drivers. Add to this the amount of distracted drivers already on the roads today and it can make any parent break out into a cold sweat each time their teen leaves the driveway.

The fear is not unfounded. In 2015, six teens aged 16–19 died every day from motor vehicle injuries.

While you certainly can never predict an accident, there are steps you can take to best prepare your teen to drive defensively and safely – while keeping everyone’s wellbeing in mind.

Here are a few tips to pass along to help your teen be more responsible behind the wheel.

Texting While Driving is Never Okay

One of the leading causes of death on today’s roadway is caused by being distracted by mobile devices. Texting while driving is the cause for millions of accidents on the roadways yearly. Not only is it dangerous, but it puts the lives of others on the road or in your car at risk too. Speak to your teen about silencing their phones when they are in the car or safely pulling over when they need to talk.

Drunk Driving Kills

There is no way to sugar coat this one. Drinking and driving is never a smart idea – no matter what age or level of driving experience someone has. The likelihood of a fatal crash when alcohol is involved and impairing ones judgement, is high. As a parent, it is critical to talk to your teen about this and setting the rule of no drinking and driving. That also means teaching them to not get in the car with someone else who has been drinking and is behind the wheel.

Be Responsible with Passengers

Having a car full of teens is another way to easily distract a new driver. Music playing, chatter and loss of focus are increased when a group of teens are riding together. In some states, it’s even against the law. Make sure you know the laws for young drivers in your state and that your teen is aware of the responsibility they hold for themselves and those who they bring in their car when they become a licensed driver.

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