Stay alert when driving
Stay alert when driving

Summer in New England means plenty of weekend traffic. This time of year brings out plenty of motorcycle riders, families with campers and other motorists looking to get away for the weekend. With the roads congested and people in a rush to get to the beach or their vacation home it can be a dangerous time for driving on highways and other roads.

In addition to making sure you have the car insurance you need to feel safe on the road there are some tips for traveling that will make your trips safer.

Be Alert – Long drives can lead to tiredness and if your attention is not fully on the road it’s very easy to swerve out of your lane, misjudge distances and ignore signs. Getting enough rest before taking a long drive is a good idea and it’s also smart to have more than one licensed driver in the car so you can take turns driving. By sharing the driving responsibilities you ensure an alert driver is always behind the wheel.

Inspect the Car – If you are planning a long road trip, such as going cross-country or along one of the coasts, it makes sense to have your mechanic give the car a tune-up and inspection. Having a breakdown in the middle of the desert or a strange and crowded city can be a nightmare and it’s best to know before you start your trip if there is anything wrong with the vehicle. Be sure to inspect the brakes, tires, oil and transmission and have any problems fixed before you take off on a long trip.

Plan Your Road Trip – Getting lost in the great wide open may sound fun to recent high school graduates but if you are taking your family on a vacation the last thing you want is to be driving aimlessly through small towns in rural areas you’ve never heard of. Before taking a long road trip be sure to map out your route and either program the route into a GPS system or bring along road maps that will ensure you don’t get lost. Major highways are easy to navigate but when you get on secondary roads in states you’ve never visited before it’s very easy to lose your way. Also, having a roadside assistance program is a great backup plan for breakdowns and directions.

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