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Known for its annual fair and rustic scenery Durham, CT is a quiet New England town with character. Featuring gently rolling hills and abundant farmland, Durham is a great place to call home. Of course if you are considering buying a home, driving a car or opening a business in this scenic Connecticut town make sure you get the right insurance to protect all your assets from risk. Petruzelo Insurance has over 50 years experience providing insurance solutions for individuals, families and businesses in Connecticut towns just like Durham, and can help you protect your valuable possessions.

Buying a home, driving an automobile or starting a business all comes with a cost. If you want to live a worry-free and happy life it is a good idea to research all your options when it comes to insurance and liability coverage so you know what’s protected and to what extent. Petruzelo Insurance provides facts and information that take into account your specific needs when choosing an insurance policy. The representatives at Petruzelo Insurance, one of the top insurance agencies in CT, take the time to know your life and business so they can structure insurance plans that work for you.

Not all insurance policies are the same. In fact, many insurance policies have multiple exclusions and specific clauses for certain events and risks that can affect the extent of your home, car or business coverage. If you are not properly covered the costs for fixing a damaged, leaking roof, banged up car or a power outage at a small business, can quickly put you in debt. The agents at Petruzelo Insurance know the questions to ask to make sure you are getting the right coverage for your needs. Living in Durham, CT is a great experience, don’t let poor insurance coverage ruin what could be a happy and rewarding place to live and work.


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