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Middletown, CT has the benefit of literally being in the middle of the state. Easy to reach Hartford, New Haven and even New York City, many people enjoy the convenience of living and working in Middletown. Many businesses and industries also call Middletown home for the same reason of easy access to major cities and distribution centers. But if you plan to buy a home, rent a condo, drive a car or open a business in Middletown be sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect your family and employees from risk.

Many people avoid getting into the fine print of insurance policies because the terminology and clauses can be quite confusing when not explained properly. If you decide to get an insurance policy online, you might be missing a pertinent coverage that could prove costly later on should someone sustain an injury in your home or as the result of an automobile accident. The last thing you need to find out at such a time is that your policy doesn’t provide the coverage you need.

The benefits of working with Petruzelo Insurance is that they have over 50 years experience working with individuals and businesses in Connecticut and their hands-on approach allows them to ask the questions that will help you choose the right policy for you, your family or your business. Anyone can get cheap car insurance, but only a dedicated insurance agent will know to ask the questions that can equal savings on your coverage. There are many discounts for drivers in Middletown, CT and with Petruzelo Insurance you’ll be able to see what reductions in cost you qualify for and how to get the coverage that is right for you.

The same holds true for large, medium and small size businesses operating in Middletown. Not all businesses are the same; some are manufacturers while others work in retail and the coverage you need for each vary greatly. The agents at Petruzelo Insurance will take the time to discuss what makes your business run and how best to protect your building or office, assets, commercial fleets and other equipment, to give you peace of mind. If you plan on working or living in Middletown, CT contact Petruzelo Insurance today and find out how to manage the risks in your life with an insurance policy that is capable of protecting what you value.


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Customer satisfaction is the key to an independent agent's livelihood. So, serving policyholders is an independent agent's most important concern. We offer one-stop shopping for a full range of products - home, renters, auto, business, life and health.


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