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Performance & Payment Bonds

Construction/Contract Surety Bonds: Guarantee that contractors will fulfill their contract. Both performance and payment bonds are required of contractors performing projects funded by federal, state or municipal entities and may be required on projects for private entities.

Surety & Fidelity Bonds:

Bid Bonds Performance and Payment Bonds
License and Permit Bonds Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
Employee Dishonesty/Crime Fiduciary & Court Bonds
Probate Bonds Erisa Bonds


Other Surety Bonds

License or permit bonds are required if you operate under a local, state or federal license. An administrator, executor, trustee or guardian may be mandated by courts to obtain what is called fiduciary bonds.


Questions About Bond Insurance?

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If you need more information regarding bond insurance, surety bonds or fidelity bonds for operating in the state of Connecticut, contact an agent at Petruzelo Insurance today. With over 50 years experience helping business owners in Connecticut, a representative at Petruzelo Insurance can help you get the facts and information you need regarding bond insurance to make sure you are operating within the law.