We are independent insurance agents. That means we are able to comparison shop, to find you the most affordable insurance.

You may not think it's important "where" you buy your insurance. Remember, insurance is an important "safety net" for your family, home, auto or business. There "is" a difference where you buy your protection.



We are dedicated in helping you find the right insurance at the right price. Scan & attach your current policy.


Understand why it is much better to choose an Independent Insurance Agent


Protection, Price, Personal Service & People are what helps us deliver savings.


Insurance Purchasing Guide

It's all about choice... Choose an Independent Insurance agent, a member of your community.

The Truth About Insurance Independent Agent
Petruzelo Insurance

(Provides Access to Many Insurance Companies)
Company Agent (Represents Only One Company) Direct-Sales Company (Online or 800 Number)
Offers choice of insurance products from different companies
Answers to the client, not a parent company
Shops around for the best coverage at the best price
Can access companies which offer specialized coverages for unique needs
Can requote existing clients, if their rates increase
Get a new insurance company, new price and keep your agent