General Liability Insurance Connecticut


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Your Business Faces Liabilities Every Day.

The only way to protect your assets is to carry sufficient business liability insurance

Protect Yourself From Claims

A Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy may protect your business against many common claims.
Such claims may include:

Bodily Injury Property Damage
Personal Injury
(Including Slander or Libel)
Advertising Injury

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General Liability insurance is frequently offered in a package with Property insurance to protect your business against incidents that may occur on your premises or at other covered locations where you normally conduct business.

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Commercial General Liability enables your business to continue operations while it faces real or fraudulent claims of certain types of negligence or wrongdoing.


Protect Yourself From Financial Loss

If you own a company that deals in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, or a retail product, you may be liable for any injuries the product may cause. Product liability insurance protects your business against financial loss as a result of a defective product that may cause injury. How much product liability insurance you purchase will depend on the product you sell or manufacture.


General Liability Questions?

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