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Fun to use, motorcycles and off road vehicles have special needs that auto insurance doesn't cover.

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What Insurance is Right for You?

If you own a motorcycle or an off road vehicle such as an ATV make sure you are protected by getting insurance. Fun to use, motorcycles and off road vehicles have special needs that auto insurance doesn't cover. If you want your cruises and off road rides to be enjoyable make sure you have motorcycle insurance that is right for you.

Connecticut Motorcycle & Off Road Insurance

Petruzelo Insurance has over 50 years experience providing Connecticut motorcycle and off road vehicle owners with insurance solutions for a wide variety of motor bikes, ATV's and mopeds. The more you know about motorcycle insurance the better decision you can make regarding your policy.


Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles requires owners of motorcycles to obtain liability insurance and provide proof of coverage in order to register their vehicles. Proof of insurance must also be kept with the motorcycle at all times.

The state minimums for motorcycles are similar to the requirements for car insurance, but there are some differences.

The minimum requirements for Connecticut motorcycle insurance are $20,000 for bodily injury per person, $40,000 for total bodily injury if two or more people are injured in an accident, and $10,000 to cover property damage. These are only the minimum amounts of coverage required by the state of Connecticut. Insurance companies offer owners of motorcycles the option of obtaining higher coverage limits.

Liability motorcycle insurance coverage will only pay for damage and injuries that you cause to others. It will not pay for costs associated with injuries to you and damage to your motorcycle.

You can obtain optional motorcycle coverage to provide you with better protection. Collision will pay for damage to your motorcycle if you are in an accident. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damage caused by something other than a traffic accident, such as vandalism or hitting an animal. Medical payments coverage will pay for costs associated with injuries you suffer as a result of an accident. Towing and labor coverage can help if your motorcycle breaks down.

The greatest risk for motorcycle owners is the danger of head injuries. Wearing a helmet while riding can greatly reduce that risk. Some insurance companies give motorcycle owners discounts on rates if they wear helmets every time they ride their bikes.

Petruzelo Insurance provides insurance coverage for motorcycle owners in Connecticut. We can help you choose the combination of coverage you need for liability, collision, medical payments, and other needs. Contact us today to get a quote.

What You Need to Discuss with Your Insurance Agent

You will want to discuss coverage for yourself and others including: bodily injury, property damage, medical payments and guest passenger liability. Liability coverage is required coverage that protects you in case bodily injury or property damage occurs to others and you are at fault.


You Are a Safe Driver, But Are They?

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Even if you are a safe driver, you can't guarantee other drivers will be as cautious. As most motorcycle owners know, they are rarely noticed by other drivers until it is too late. If you own a motorcycle in Connecticut and want to cover your vehicle, yourself and your passengers, consider sitting down with an agent at Petruzelo Insurance so you can get the information you will need to make a sound off road vehicle insurance decision.