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Types of Insurance Every Restaurant Business Needs

It doesn't matter whether you own a bar, pub, fine dining establishment, or seafood restaurant--to ensure that your business is properly protected from loss, you should be equipped with:

General Liability - Have you ever seen a server spill a drink on a customer before? While most people may understand that accidents happen, there will be instances where the damages are irreversible; when that happens, one question usually arises: how is the customer going to be compensated? The same is true if a customer slips and falls on your floor. General liability protects you during situations like these.

Workers Compensation - If one of your employees gets injured on the job, workers compensation helps cover the cost of medical care, as well as a portion of their lost wages.

Liquor Liability - Alcohol can help customers relax and have fun, but it can also cause problems. If someone drinks too much and causes a fight or an accident, liquor liability coverage can help with legal costs and associated damages.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance - It's smart for restaurant businesses to have these essential underlying policies; however, there may be times when your claim exceeds your coverage limits. This is where Commercial Umbrella Insurance comes in.

Business Personal Property - Stoves, Grills, Computers, Tables, Chairs--all restaurants require essentials like these to keep their business running smoothly. Simply put, Business Personal Property insurance protects the value of your movable business possessions.

Business Auto - If you utilize a company van, pickup truck, SUV, or sedan, then it's smart to cover your drivers while they are operating company vehicles

Food Spoilage - Have you ever had to throw food out after a power outage, or after your fridge stopped working? Well if you have food spoilage insurance, you'll be reimbursed for these kinds of losses.

Restaurant Owners Must Read This

Owning a restaurant is an exciting and rewarding experience, but only if you have the right insurance coverage to protect your building and your employees. The restaurant business is prone to many special risks and knowing what types of restaurant insurance policies are available to a Connecticut restaurant owner will help you in making the right decisions concerning your coverage.

Restaurant Insurance is Essential

Whether you own a bar, pub, fine dining establishment or seafood restaurant, getting the right insurance for your needs is essential to having a successful eatery. Carefully reviewing each type of policy with a representative at Petruzelo Insurance can help you in making a sound decision regarding your restaurant insurance.


Ask an Independent Agent

Petruzelo Insurance has over 50 years experience helping Connecticut businesses and restaurant owners get the coverage that is right for their company. The agents at Petruzelo Insurance take the time to listen to your concerns and help get the facts and information you need to create a recipe for success regarding coverage for your restaurant.


It's Good to Know All of Your Options

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Knowing all the options available in terms of insurance can help you assess the risks you face as a restaurant owner and make informed decisions regarding the coverage you need to get peace of mind. Contact a representative at Petruzelo Insurance before you open a restaurant to discuss what types of restaurant insurance are right for your business.