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What Is EPLI?

Employment practices liability, known commonly as EPLI, covers a business against claims by workers that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated. Whether offered as an endorsement to an existing business owner's policy (BOP) or as a stand-alone coverage, EPLI coverage may help you defend your business from an employee law suit.

Employment practices liability insurance may provide protection against a variety of employee lawsuits including:

Sexual Harassment Discrimination
Wrongful Termination Breach of Employment Contract
Negligent Evaluation Failure to Employ or Promote
Wrongful Discipline  


Be Aware of the Risk Factors

How much EPLI coverage your business needs depends on type of business you own, the number of people employed and the various risk factors including whether or not your company has been sued by an employee before.


Questions About Practices Liability?

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If you own a business in Connecticut and would like to discuss EPLI coverage and the specific limits you may need, contact an agent at Petruzelo Insurance today.