Business Interruption Insurance


But it "COULD" Cost You a Fortune


Store Closed from Problems

What About Your Premises and Profits?

Business interruption insurance compensates your business for lost income if your company has to vacate the premises because of a loss covered under your property insurance policy. Business interruption coverage is not sold separately, rather it is added to a property insurance policy or included in a package policy. Business interruption insurance coverage may also cover the profits your business would have earned, based on your previous financial records, had the interruption not occurred.

Forces outside of your control that may cause your business to shut down may include:

Fire Vandalism Hail
Wind Equipment Damage  

With affordable business insurance it can help:

Maintain your business sustainability Keep your business going when a loss forces temporary closure
Pay for loss net income Pay for relocation and advertising fees


We Have Decades of Experience

If you own a business in Connecticut and want to protect it from lost income due to disaster related damages, contact an agent at Petruzelo Insurance today. With over 50 years experience helping small and large businesses in Connecticut find insurance solutions for their businesses, Petruzelo Insurance can help get you started on a coverage plan that may protect you from unforeseen interruptions.


Questions About Business Interruption Insurance

Front of Store that has Damage

When it comes to business insurance, Petruzelo has what it takes to get you what you need fast. We work hard to get your business and keep it. We have your best interests at heart.