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If you own a small business, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Business insurance can shield your company from heavy financial losses if an unforeseen event occurs.

Business Insurance Can Cover Liability Claims            

A customer or vendor who comes to your place of business can slip and fall or get injured in another way. If your company is found liable for the accident, it can be held financially responsible for the injured individual’s medical bills and other related expenses. Business insurance can cover those costs.

Business Insurance Can Protect Your Company from a Lawsuit

If your company is found liable for someone’s injuries and you don’t have a business insurance policy, the injured person can sue you to seek compensation. The legal fees, plus the cost of a settlement, might be enough to bankrupt your company. You can avoid all that with a business insurance policy.

Business Insurance Can Cover Damage to Your Building and Equipment

A storm, a fire, or another covered peril can severely damage or destroy your store, restaurant, office, or warehouse. The costs to repair or rebuild the structure and replace damaged belongings can be staggering. A business insurance policy can cover those bills.

Without business insurance, your company can be financially devastated. You might even be forced to go out of business.

Business Insurance Can Replace Lost Income

If your physical location is damaged by a covered peril, you might be forced to cut back your operations while repairs are being made, or you might not be able to operate at all. That can cause your company to lose a substantial amount of income. Business insurance can replace income that your company loses due to a covered peril.

Business Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind

Owning a small business is stressful. Between handling inventory, scheduling, paying bills, and other routine tasks, you have enough on your plate.

With a business insurance policy, you won’t have to worry that a storm or an accident might financially devastate your company. You’ll be able to focus on running your business.

You Can Tailor a Business Insurance Policy to Suit Your Needs

Companies have a wide range of insurance needs. The type of business you run, your location, the kinds of property and equipment you own, and other factors can influence the types of coverage you select. An insurance professional can work with you to design a policy that suits your company.

Petruzelo Insurance offers a wide range of coverage options for small businesses. A member of our team can discuss your needs and concerns, help you decide what types of coverage are appropriate for your business, and get quotes from several leading insurers. Contact us today to learn more.