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Whether you’re planning to take a trip this spring or you’re going to stay close to home, you need to be aware of safety hazards. This is an excellent time to review your auto insurance coverage and make sure that it still fits your needs and budget.

Be Prepared for Spring Rainstorms

You might not have to worry about snow and ice during the spring, but you can still experience weather-related problems. Make sure that your tires are in good condition so you won’t lose traction when driving on wet roads. Check the pressure regularly and add air when necessary to keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure. If you don’t know the appropriate pressure, check the sticker inside the driver’s door. 

Rain can dramatically reduce visibility and increase the risk of an accident. Inspect your windshield wiper blades and replace them if they’re worn or damaged.

Wet roads can make it harder to slow down or bring your vehicle to a halt. If you find yourself driving in a rainstorm, reduce your speed and leave plenty of space between your car and the one in front of you.

Be on the Lookout for People and Animals

When the weather is warm, people enjoy outdoor activities, such as walking, jogging, and riding bicycles and motorcycles. It can be hard to spot someone who is riding a bike or traveling on foot. This is why you have to be extra vigilant when driving in the spring and summer.

Wild animals are also active during warm weather. Many species give birth during the spring. If you’re driving and you see an animal such as a deer, it’s likely that there are others nearby. Slow down or stop, scan the road, and make sure that the coast is clear before you continue driving.

Beware of Potholes

Temperature fluctuations in the winter cause potholes that can damage a car’s tire or wheel. Be careful when driving, especially if it’s dark or you’re traveling on an unfamiliar road, so you don’t hit a pothole. 

Review Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Spring is a popular time for cleaning, but it’s also a great time to get your insurance and finances in order. Look over your car insurance policy and think about whether you should modify your coverage or deductible. If you get quotes from other carriers, you might find out that you can get the same coverage at a lower rate. 

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