We’ve reached that time of year when office sniffles and children staying home sick from school is more common than not. With this year’s flu predictions expected to be more prevalent, now’s an important time to focus on staying healthy and battling it out for the rest of the season.

A strong immune system is a great place to start because it works as a natural defense to ward off any possible attacks on your health.

Here are some tips for boosting your immune system this winter.

Remember Good Hygiene

The fundamental principle for protecting the spread of disease is cleanliness. During flu season be sure to be extra adamant about washing your hands with warm water and soap frequently throughout the day. You might also want to carry around some extra hand sanitizer and tissues so you’re never in a situation where germs can be spread.

Stay Active & Eat Well

Keeping your body in good working order requires feeding it wholesome, nutrient-dense foods it needs as well as providing movement and oxygen to your system. Even if it’s colder outside, don’t let that be a reason you skip your daily walks (use a treadmill or take advantage of an empty shopping mall earlier in the day to get your steps in.)

Take Supplements

Give yourself a little extra boost of protection with supplements. These can be used (after consulting with your doctor) to enhance the vitamins your body is already producing. Do things like improve digestion, detox the body and even improve your mood. To help with your immune systems specifically things like ginger tea, bone broth and turmeric are especially beneficial.

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