As we work together on a global front to gain control over the COVID-19 pandemic, many are still being mandated to social distance and follow rules for partial lock downs. This can be anything from limiting larger gatherings to logging in from home for school or work. Vaccinations are underway and many hope to return to regular schedules soon. Whatever the outcome is, there is one element of our lives that’s benefited from the slow down and that is our pets. 

Those who already had a home with furry friends have found even greater comfort in each others companionship and those homes looking for some extra love opted to adopt amidst shutdowns. As the pet owner communities have grown, more research is revealing just how much of a positive effect pets can have on our wellbeing and that of our families. 

Here’s a close look at why pets can help during a pandemic. 

Emotional Support 

During these uncertain times. As job losses rise and the health of many is in question, feeling isolated and unsure can be difficult. Whether you have a house full of people or live alone, animals can provide great emotional support because they will sit and listen, you don’t have to hear unsolicited advice and you can get things off your chest and out of your mind to bring some relief. 

Physical Activity 

A drastic change in daily routines has taken a toll on the waistlines of many. More time spent at home, cooking meals, easy access to the cupboard and gym shutdowns and school sport cancelations have made getting inadequate physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet much more difficult. Having a pet that enjoys the outdoors and must go on at least 1 walk a day can help you to keep some necessary active minutes in your day.


Perhaps the biggest reason pets are perfect solace during a pandemic is because they provide companionship. If you never had a pet or don’t know what it’s like to snuggle with someone who enjoys your company, then pets are the way to go. Mandates to social distance have left many isolated and alone. Consider a pet to take away some of that burden during these times.