Protecting our home is of the utmost importance – 365 days a year. It’s not only a hefty investment we’ve made in a dwelling, but it’s also the place where we keep our loved ones and possessions safe. Keeping up with regular maintenance is a great way to ensure your home remains intact and offering full protection at all times.

There will be repairs throughout the years but the most major upgrades will usually only have to happen many years down the line. That is of course unless there is a catastrophic event or other unforeseen problem that arises. In those times, we can sometimes lean on our insurance policies to assist with repairs and replacements, however specific conditions will have to apply.

When it comes quite literally to the roof over your head, you might be able to get assistance with having it repaired or replaced depending on the factors of how got damaged. Here are some of the situations when your roof may or may not be covered by insurance. 

Normal Aging is Not Covered

Even if you notice a wet spot on your ceiling and it prompts you to have the roof inspected, and a recommendation to have a repair done is given, unless that leak stems from the damage it will not be covered. That’s because like with anything, normal aging and wear and tear are going to eventually lead to replacements needed. Overtime roof shingles can become thin from exposure to the elements. Nails can rust. When you’re talking 20-30 years since the roof was done, then it may simply be time for an update.

Acts of Nature Can Qualify You for Coverage

When we say acts of nature, we mean quite literally an occurrence caused by nature such as a hurricane that knocks trees over and down into your roof, hail and rain storms that are so severe they cause rips and tears. Winds so strong they tear shingles right from the roof. These situations can qualify as an event that leads to your loss. Even still, you will need pictures and an inspection to prove that in fact the damage was caused by these outside forces before you can file an insurance claim.

Every insurance policy is different and you will need to understand what is covered specifically based on your policy. If you’re ready to talk about your home insurance policy, speak to one of our agents today!

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